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Trofeo de Abuela, Madrid: Bikes Win Spirit » Rusty Bikes Ultimate Frisbee



Apr 04

Trofeo de Abuela, Madrid: Bikes Win Spirit

abuela-koryThe Rusty Bikes made their first appearance at a Spanish grass tournament this past weekend at the Trofeo de Abuela in Madrid. Grandma’s trophy isn’t the most famous in the world, but it is definitely beloved in this part of the Europa.
With the help of 1 Portuguese and 1 American pickup players, led by Player-Coach Alex (the finest Player-Coach since Paul Newman led the Charlestown Chiefs), the bikes dominated the essential day 1 of the tournament. Handing defeat to the likes of Oregon of Aragon and our pals the Batatas Bravas of Barcelona. In the final game of the day, probably the most exciting of the tournament, the bikes beat Code-Wiz aka the Wizards of Geneva by a universal point. Big hero of the day – Marieke Postma – need I say more?
After winning the party on saturday night, Day 2 featured the rusty bikes in the semifinals, competing against 2 of Abuelas’ most notorious tournament dominators both of which come from the land of banks- Santander. Maybe it was all the money they control, maybe it was their superior hucks, whatever the reason, the returning champs Corocotta defeated the bikes 13-2. They would go on to win in the final against our gracious hosts.
After that it was time to let it all hang out and throw everything including the kitchen sink at the Fendi’s in the battle for 3rd place. Heroics included some fantastic diving take-no-prisoners D from Seton, Bronwyn, and birthday boy Adriaan. Still, young legs and a friendly wind are my favorite excuses for what eventually turned out to be a shoot-out; Bikes lose 6-10 and therefore finish in 4th place.
Just as we were licking our wounds, drinking our beers and eating chorizo/apple pie, whatyaknow– Spirit Award Goes To – -Rusty Bikes! and as a strange bonus, I myself was a runner up in the final 4 gambling pool which YES in practice means I am a bad man, who bet that my own team would finish fourth. But it also means YAY I Won a Prize SUCKAZ!
A good time was had by all and beyond that.. teams were very appreciative of us being one of the few foreign teams to have ever played this tournament. They’re super enthusiastic to have us back and well… we like their tapas! So here’s to next years Trofeo.. watch out Grandma!

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