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Rusty Bikes Ultimate Frisbee » Amsterdam's international mixed team.

Apr 19

Welcome to Rusty Bikes Ultimate Frisbee

Hello dear internaut, you have arrived at the website dedicated to one of the finest Ultimate Frisbee teams ever to throw plastic through the air: The Rusty Bikes.  We are an Amsterdam based team of experienced international players who happen to be very fond of each other. This website is both an archive of our shananigans around the world and a place where you can learn something about who we are. Not too much of course, just the basic embarrassing stuff.

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Jun 23

Windmill 2018

Europe’s largest frisbee tournament and of course an event this team has helped since the very beginning. It was as fun and challenging as ever. Finish was around 16th in an insanely talented division. Runners up for spirit!

May 23

Beach Ultimate Mitte (BUM) 2018

The Bikes made their way over to Berlin to play one of the funnest and most challenging beach tournaments on the calendar.. BUM. There were parties, and points, wins and losses, babies and possibly some baby making. A good time was had by all. The finish was something like 13th.

Jun 25

Windmill 2017

The Rusty Bikes battled it out in the mixed divison at their home tournament Windmill! The team managed 2 wins while chalking up 6 losses, though they were amazingly all by either 1 or 2 points. The result was a hard fought 19th place finish, not to mention helping manage another great edition of our beloved tournament. Wahoo!

May 30

Schiermonnikoog 2017

It’s a beach tournament, on an island, that only happens on very special occasions; thats like our favorite things all in one. The Bikes went to Schier to kick off the 2017 beach season against some of the Netherlands’ best. The gang in blue racked up the wins and made it all the way to 3rd place, just behind the 2 open masters national beach teams who took the top spots. Sand, fun, and sun? Check.


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